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Nora Bateson Photo
Nora Bateson


International Bateson Institute


Nora Bateson, is an award-winning filmmaker, research designer, writer, educator, international lecturer, as well as President of the International Bateson Institute based in Sweden. She is the creator of the Warm Data theory and practices. Nora’s work brings the fields of biology, cognition, art, anthropology, psychology, and information technology together into a study of the patterns in ecology of living systems.

She wrote, directed and produced the award-winning documentary, An Ecology of Mind, a portrait of her father Gregory Bateson.

Her first book, Small Arcs of Larger Circles, released by Triarchy Press, UK, 2016 is a revolutionary personal approach to the study of systems and complexity.

In her latest second book Combining, Nora invites us into an ecology of communication where nothing stands alone, and every action sets off a chain of incalculable consequences. She challenges conventional fixes for our problems, highlighting the need to tackle issues at multiple levels, understand interdependence, and embrace ambiguity.

She was the recipient of the Neil Postman Award for Career Achievement in Public Intellectual Activity in 2019.

Maimunah Mosli Photo
Maimunah Mosli

Executive Director, Clinical Consultant & Systemic Psychotherapist

Hayaa’ Network Pte. Ltd


With a deep passion for helping families navigate challenges and find healing, Maimunah Mosli is a skilled mental health professional and the co-founder of Hayaa' Network pte ltd. After two decades of working with a local Muslim women's organization, she brings a wealth of experience supporting individuals, couples and families, particularly those from Muslim backgrounds.

Experience and Systemic Approach: Beyond her work with families and individuals, Maimunah is a dedicated trainer, shaping the next generation of therapists with her expertise in systemic family therapy. Her systemic approach is reflected in her involvement with multiple organisations – she serves on the Advisory Board of the International Bateson Institute, as an Honorary Member of the Asian Academy of Family Therapy, as a Review Board member for Vulnerable Adults in Singapore, and as a board member of the Institute of Muslim Mental Health in Malaysia. Maimunah's commitment to understanding how different contexts shape human experience drives her passion for learning, teaching, and fostering connection in an ever-evolving world.

Specialisation and Therapeutic Approach: Maimunah specialises in helping highly conflictual couples and families facing complex challenges. As a transcontextual therapist, she seamlessly weaves together different therapeutic approaches to create a safe, exploratory space. Her ability to navigate various contexts with skill helps couples and families understand the deeper layers of their relationships. Maimunah's compassionate approach fosters an environment where confusion can give way to clarity, learning, and healing. Her use of open-ended questions, humility, and deep respect for familial systems empower families and couples to unravel the "double binds" that create distress. This process invites intrinsic healing as they begin to address their challenges and realign their relationships.

Area of Specialty: Maimunah's particular expertise lies in asking culturally sensitive, reflexive questions that encourage families to explore how their cultural, religious, and social contexts shape their relationships and dynamics. This nuanced approach creates a space where the complexities of each situation can be thoughtfully addressed .

Languages and Communication: Style Fluent in English and Malay, Maimunah goes beyond simple fluency to truly connect with those she works with. Her sensitivity to language, her genuine presence, and her deep curiosity create a sense of safety and understanding for her clients.

Maimunah has shared her insights as editor of the following books on family therapy: "The Rhythm of Misfits in Families" and "Between Spaces: A Book about Supervision by Supervisees and Supervisors." She co-authored the book "Dear Broken Soul, Return to God."

Professor Divine Charura Photo
Professor Divine Charura

Professor of Counselling Psychology and Programme Director

York St John University


Professor (Dr) Divine Charura is a Professor of Counselling Psychology. He is a counselling psychologist, registered and licensed as a practitioner psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council in England (UK). Divine is also a psychotherapist and Honorary Fellow of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and an adult psychotherapist.

Divine’s research interests and research publications are on the psychotraumatology and mental health in family and diverse community systems across the lifespan. He has co-authored and edited numerous books. These include Love and Therapy: In relationship [co-edited with Stephen Paul] and with Colin Lago has recently co-edited Black Identities + White therapies: Race respect and diversity, (2021). His latest book is the Handbook of Social Justice in Psychological Therapies. Power, politics, change (co-edited with Dr Laura Winter in 2023). For Divine’s Publications please see

Dr Taiwo Afuape Photo
Dr Taiwo Afuape

Director of Training

Institute of Family Therapy


Being a Nigerian British-born working-class woman is central to Taiwo’s work as Family Therapy Lead and a Clinical Team Lead for Emotional and Behavioural Team and Youth Zones in Newham Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

Taiwo has training in Narrative Therapy and is a Clinical Psychologist and Systemic Family Therapist with more than eighteen years post-qualification experience. Previously Taiwo has set up community psychology services for transitional populations – women escaping domestic violence, homeless people, people misusing substances, travelling communities of Roma and Irish heritage and refugee people; has worked in a Human Rights charity for survivors of torture; managed an adult mental health Systemic Service in Newham and was Principal Systemic Family Therapist in an adult Psychology and Psychotherapy service in Kensington, offering training in diploma level systemic psychotherapy as well as family and couple therapy for adults with mental health problems and more recently worked in Camden CAMHS as a Systemic Family Therapist and Lead Clinical Psychologist.

Roger Duncan Photo
Roger Duncan

Systemic Psychotherapist, Systemic Supervisor and Author


Roger Duncan, a Systemic Psychotherapist and Systemic Supervisor and Author, working in the NHS and in private practice. His approach to Psychotherapy has been shaped by his background in Biology, training as a Waldorf teacher, and as a Vision Fast guide with The School of Lost Borders. Roger has been leading nature-based retreats and researching Eco Systemic approaches to nature and mental health for 30 years. He was the creator and director of the 2022 Confer Diploma ‘Eco-psychotherapy and the Emerging Adolescent Mind’ and the 2018 Confer Eco Psychotherapy webinar ‘Reclaiming our Indigenous Relationship with Nature, an introduction to the Systemic Integration of Nature into Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Practice’ His book ‘Nature in Mind’ was published by Routledge in 2018 and writes and lectures internationally

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