The end of the clinic. Re-imagining and re-configuring systemic training and practice

A conference session by Gail Simon
Systemic Supervisor and Trainer, University of Bedfordshire & The Pink Practice

24 September 2021, 03:15 PM

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About this conference session

It’s a good time to plan change. The disruption of our thinking and daily practice from Black Lives Matter; from the needs to rethink gender, age, ability and access to resources; from the crisis of the planet under attack; from the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are several matters which need urgent systemic attention.

How can we decolonise systemic training programmes?

How can we depathologise trainees, colleagues and people coming to therapy?

How do we create settings with people for doing therapy which they find comfortable, convenient and useful?

How do we go about divorcing ourselves from the medical model and not be commodified and owned as an allied medical resource?

How do we take hold and re-invent the profession in ways that honours the legacy but sees a new turn of fresh people, new theory, new look, new culture?

And how can we create the solidarity as a community to sustain actualising a vision of what systemic practices can become?

Gail Simon

I trained at KCC in the early 1990s and was in the first group to undertake KCC’s Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice. I have been leading this programme for ten years now at the University of Bedfordshire. I am Editor for Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice. And I enjoy continuing to practice as a supervisor, trainer and therapist through The Pink Practice and more widely.

Hosted by AFT in collaboration with Friends of KCC and CMM Institute