CMM (Creating Magic Moments): A Hop, Skip and a Jump through CMM…MMMM

A conference session by John Burnham
Consultant Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Parkview Clinic (Inpatient CAMHS) Birmingham Women and Childrens Hospital

25 September 2021, 04:30 PM

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About this conference session

In this presentation I will hop through a history of CMM examining the emerging relationship between CMM theoreticians and practitioners using CMM. This relationship irreverently opened space for both theoreticians and practitioners to develop one other in a mutually influential way. One of the many freeing things that Pearce and Cronen said was that 'the levels in CMM are not fixed in name, number or order' and so in this presentation we will then skip through some developments that were inspired by this freedom. For example, re-naming the level 'Family story' to 'Stories about significant relationships' opens space to explicitly include friendships; neighbours, club mates and colleagues, teachers and other relationships beyond family. This kind of development had potential to challenge the dominant discourse that practice is the application of theory and demonstrated that theory can be reflexively developed in response to unique episodes of practice. I/We will then jump into exploring how a practice I have called the 'Actually not knowing position' can help each practitioner to MMMM.. (make the most of magic moments) explore an episode of their own practice using the CMM framework. This involves a rigorous exploration that meanders purposefully through the CMM levels. This exploration may both enhance a practitioners current understanding of an episode and open space for future imaginative developments personally and professionally.

John Burnham

John Burnham is a systemic psychotherapist working in the independent and public sectors. His practice includes therapy, supervision, training, consultation and writing. His main clinical work is with children, young people and families in Inpatient CAMHS at Parkview Clinic, Birmingham Children’s Hospital where he is employed as a Consultant Systemic and Family Psychotherapist and Academic Tutor in the Systemic Training Programme. John has 45 years of experience working with families, couples and individuals. He is formerly Director of Training at Kensington Consultation Centre (KCC) in London. He is a past Visiting Fellow at Northumbria University, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and an Honorary Fellow of UKCP. He has been developing CMM from a practitioners perspective since he first met Pearce and Cronen in 1982. Along the way he has developed Approach-Method-Technique, Social GgRRAAAACCEEEESSS.....S, and more recently PPRR (Problems-Possibilities & Resources-Restraints), often using CMM as an organising framework. He is particularly interested in developing a reflexive relationship between THEORY and practice, & PRACTICE and theory, embodied in the phrase 'Think Theory and Talk Ordinary'. As well as training in the UK he teaches in a variety of contexts including Scandinavia, Netherlands, USA, and South America.

Hosted by AFT in collaboration with Friends of KCC and CMM Institute