CMM and Liberation Psychology post George Floyd

A conference session by Dr Taiwo Afuape
Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist

23 September 2021, 04:30 PM

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About this conference session

CMM has been instrumental in helping systemic therapists think about how they put their attention to social context, issues related to power and ways of changing social worlds. However, the Black Lives Matter movement after the brutal death of George Floyd brought into mainstream consciousness the importance of taking a stand against racism in all its violent forms, but also highlighted how pervasive and entrenched it is even within institutions and training bodies pledging to address it. This presentation seeks to reflect on how CMM and Liberation Psychology together, as complementary approaches, can be useful frameworks to use in the face of the challenges of anti-racist activism, if we reflect on what CMM theory and practice looks like today, post George Floyd.

Dr Taiwo Afuape

Taiwo Afuape is a clinical psychologist and family therapist and clinical team lead of the Emotional and behavioural team 2 and Youth Zones, as well as Family Therapy lead in Newham CAMHS.

Hosted by AFT in collaboration with Friends of KCC and CMM Institute