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We have listed a wide range of frequently asked questions below and encourage you to take a look through it before contacting us.  If you need to get in touch, please contact Mint Events on...


The AFT Conference 2023 is a fully virtual conference.  All sessions will take place online.  All live sessions will be hosted on Zoom, accessed through this website.

How do I watch the conference online?

All sessions are accessed through this website. Although live sessions will be hosted on Zoom, they will still be accessed via this website (i.e. you will not receive a Zoom link as you would with a regular Zoom meeting).  As we get closer to the event, we will send out emails with instructions on how to access the sessions.


What will I need to attend virtually?

To attend this conference, you will need a few things:

suitable device – a modern computer (Windows or Apple) or modern mobile device (Apple iPhone/iPad or Android).

An internet connection (suitable for video calls/meetings).

Access to your email (the same email address you used to purchase your ticket) – to receive conference emails.

The Zoom app installed on your device (the conference website will connect to Zoom for the live presentations). If you have not used Zoom before, see help guide below. Ideally you will want your Zoom app updated to the latest version.

To have purchased a valid conference ticket.

Will I be on screen?  Will I be able to ask questions?

During keynote presentations, attendees will not be on screen and will not be able to use their microphones.  However, you will be able to use the chat button to chat with other virtual attendees and also the 'Q&A' button to ask questions of the presenters.  Each session will feature moderators who will put virtual audience questions to the presenters.  

Each keynote is followed by a discussion with the presenter.  During discussion sessions, which are in a more open format, attendees will be able to turn their cameras and microphones on, enabling them to ask questions in-person.

Will there be replays?

Yes.  We intend for all keynote presentations to be recorded and made available to ticket holders as replays.  You can access replays via the virtual portal on this website.  Discussion sessions will not be recorded.

Disclaimer:  Whilst we intend to record all keynote presentations, it is possible that some sessions are not recorded, for reasons beyond our control.

Zoom Help

Although you access all conference sessions through this website, the live sessions will be hosted on Zoom.  If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, we recommend downloading the Zoom app and familiarising yourself with Zoom before the event.

Zoom can be accessed on desktop or laptop PC (Windows or Apple OS) or mobile device (Apple iPhone/iPad iOS or Android).

Here is the link to the Zoom help centre:

Here is the link to the Zoom download page:

What types of sessions are there?

The conference features the following types of session...

Keynote Presentations:  These are the main plenary sessions and are in a presentation format.

Discussion Sessions:  Discussion sessions follow on from the main keynote presentation (usually with a short break in-between).  they feature the keynote presenter and are in a more open format, where attendees are on screen and speak in person.  Please note that the last session of the conference does not feature a discussion session.

Fringe Sessions:  Optional sessions that take place outside of the main conference programme, such as the pre-conference well-being session.

Parallel Sessions:  Some keynote and discussion sessions take place in parallel (at the same time).  You won't be able to attend both, so you will need to decide which you would like to attend.

Do tickets include all conference sessions?

Yes.  Tickets include access to all live sessions.

Do I need to attend all sessions?

There is an expectation that you will watch all keynote sessions, either live or on replay, to achieve your CPD hours.  For the parallel sessions you will only need to watch one of these (as they happen at the same time), although you are free to watch the other on replay.

What time zone are the presentations in?

All times listed on this website are in UK (London) time.

Are there any terms and conditions of booking?

Yes, you can view them here.  If you cancel your booking cancellation charges may apply.

Is there an early bird rate?

Yes, the early bird rate is available until 18 July 2023.  You will receive a 10% discount on the standard ticket price.

What is the price of tickets?  How can I book and pay?

To book your tickets go to the tickets page.  This page details all the ticket options and prices.  Select the type of ticket you would like to purchase.  Then click 'Purchase'.  This will open up the conference booking form.  Complete the form to book your tickets. 

Important Payment Note:  The payment process for events has changed.  AFT will no longer take payments at the time of booking.  You will now receive an email with a link to your invoice from AFT's accounting software (called Xero).  That invoice will have a 'Pay Now' button that will allow you to make a card payment (or pay by bank transfer).  Please look out for the email and make payment as soon as possible after booking.  If you do not receive your invoice within 24 hours of making your booking, firstly, please check your 'junk' mail and if it is not in there, please email

If your company or organisation is paying, please ensure you use the correct company name and billing details.  You will also need to provide a valid purchase order number, if this is required by your organisation.  NHS Trusts will not pay invoices unless they have a valid purchase order number on them - please speak to your accounts/procurement/line manager if you are unsure on how to raise a purchase order.

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