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Uniting Communities; the difference that makes the difference

Evolving systemic ideas and practice in therapy, research, and social justice

Join us in Bristol for the AFT Annual Conference 2024.  A hybrid conference combining a full face-to-face programme, including evening entertainment, along with a number of dedicated online sessions which will be accessible to a wider audience around the world.

The overall theme for the conference is ‘Uniting Communities’, recognising the core ethos of family and systemic psychotherapy in bringing people together, whether in birth families, families of choice, organisations or communities. We want to hear about the innovations, projects, concepts and theories that have made the difference in your community.


We will be thinking about the ways systemic ideas can unite people with a purpose, supporting connections from the personal to the global. What are the ways in which we use our skills to promote dialogue, healing and meaningful connection? How do concepts of community, home and belonging inform our work and allow us to build those connections? What is the difference that will really make a difference to the lives of people we work with, giving them the tools to heal, unite and participate?

We recognise that the AFT community is itself made up of a number of overlapping communities of identity, and that our conference is a perfect place for these to come together, learn from each other and discuss ideas, practice and research.

By examining the concept of relational activism, we will explore what tools we need and what contribution we can make as a community, building one connection at a time to promote reconciliation and engage in social justice.  


Quick Facts
  • Date: Thursday 19 & Friday 20 September 2024.

  • Venue:  Delta Hotel, Bristol City Centre, UK

  • Format:  A hybrid conference combining a full face-to-face programme, including along with a number of online sessions.

  • Replays:  All keynote presentations and selected workshops will be recorded and made available to ticket holders as a replay. 

  • Programme:  Click here.

  • Ticket Prices:  Click here.

Our Speakers

Click here for more information.

Prof Dawn Edge photo

Professor Dawn Edge

Professor Mental Health & Inclusivity

University of Manchester

Dr Selam Kidane photo

Dr Selam Kidane

Psychology Lecturer

University of West London

Kenyah Nyameche photo

Kenyah Nyameche

Family Therapist & Systemic Consultant

Changing-I Ltd

Dr Jon Symonds photo

Dr Jon Symonds

Senior Lecturer in Social Work with Children and Families

University of Bristol

Linda Pow photo

Linda Pow

Family Therapist

CAMHS Inpatient Team

Jo Berry photo

Jo Berry


Building Bridges for Peace

Dr Temitope Ademosu Photo

Dr Temitope Ademosu

Head of Children and Families Clinical Service

Birmingham City Council

Shakira Maknoon photo

Shakira Maknoon

Systemic Family Therapist

NHS CAMHS Service | Mulberry Foster Care Service

Samantha Wilkinson photo

Samantha Wilkinson

Parenting Apart Practitioner

Warwickshire Children and Families

Sarah Favier Photo

Sarah Favier

Systemic & Family Psychotherapist

Private Practice

Arlene Healey photo

Arlene Healey


Arlene Healey Family Consultation

Dr Don Waisanen photo

Dr Don Waisanen


City University of New York

Jennifer Achan photo

Jennifer Achan

Systemic and Family psychotherapist

Hammersmith and Fulham CAMHS

Samuel Angus photo

Samuel Angus



Rosie Buckland Photo

Rosie Buckland

Systemic Practitioner & Social Worker

Adult Mental Health Services

Thupten Jinpa Langri photo

Thupten Jinpa Langri

Founder & Chairman

The Compassion Institute

Kam Kaur photo

Kam Kaur


Parenting Apart Programme

John Burnham photo

John Burnham

Consultant Family and Systemic Psychotherapist

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Prudencia Woode photo

Prudencia Woode

Specialist Clinical Practitioner

Children and Families Clinical Service

Elaine Holliday Photo

Elaine Holliday

Systemic Family Therapist and Art Therapist

Independent Practice

Keynote Presentations

A fantastic selection of presentations available on a range of interesting and relevant topics, delivered by our international panel of expert speakers.


Each day of the conference will feature an optional pre-event wellbeing session to get attendees raring to go.

AFT Bursary Scheme

The new AFT Bursary Scheme aims to support AFT members to attend conferences or training where the cost would otherwise be prohibitive, and to support programmes aimed at groups currently under-represented in our activities and the profession.

Money cost saving or money reserve for goal and success in school, higher level education
Discussion Sessions

Each Keynote will be followed by a 30 minute discussion session.  This is a great opportunity for attendees to put questions to the presenter and discuss relevant topics.

Visit the Bookshop

The bookshop, provided by Bookmark, is open again this year, stocking a range of relevant books, including suggestions from our speakers.

Book Shop Shelf

The conference will feature a virtual exhibition space featuring various forms of creative expression from AFT Members.

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